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Transient, the memory of breathing

Movement is an ancient ritual, we write rituals through movement, we shape order and gather energy through rituals. Today, we use the eye of the machine to reach a thousand miles away, to move from reality into the virtual, and then to capture the inaccessible reality in the virtual.


We use the wind as a pull, a link to luminaries, guideposts, and rings with energy to reshape a fluid storage. This storage is considered to be the ritual of the machine, using the flesh as a key, pulling the wind to make the beacon a monolithic sculpture, which is redefined as a memory in the ritual of the machine.

Transient, the memory of breathing, paint tinting, acrylic, LED, iron, fabric, triple screen video, drones, racing seats, dimensions variable, “Looking at the Stars", G Museum, Nanjing, 2023.

manipulator 04.00_00_04_47.Still003.png
manipulator 04.00_00_01_55.Still001.png
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