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Invited by Hybrid Biennale, Wang Ziquan presents the performance project Habits of Ancient Deities at the Hellerau Theatre. Other artists involved in the project include Choy Ka Fai, Cécile B. Evans, Maria Hassabi, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Theo Triantafyllidis and many others.


The project attempts to propose a new way of ritual, one that returns to movement as a basis, interfered with by machines, in different dimensions, with man and machine each running fiercely, but with a constant pull resulting from being connected by carbon fibre filaments. The vision of the old gods is replaced by a new aesthetic of athleticism, an intense vision that emphasises the difference from its predecessors. This performance, intercepting footage of this ritual, brings to the stage a ritual with drone devices as the main body and digital signals as the medium.

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