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王梓全,1993 年出⽣于辽宁沈阳,2017 年毕业于中央美术学院雕塑系,2019 年硕⼠毕业于英国皇家艺 术学院,现⼯作⽣活于上海。王梓全的创作来⾃于对互联网及虚拟世界后设的观察和理解。通过对于游戏 引擎以及⼯程开发测试软件等的思辨式的使⽤,王梓全在虚拟和真实空间进⾏“复制”和“粘贴”,以探索虚拟 和现实的阈值。 近期展览包括:


群展:“靡菲斯特的舞步”,沪申画廊,上海,2021;⻄岸艺术与设计博览会“现场”单元及“Video AI Plaza”影像单元,上海,2021;“USB 多端⼝链接展”,没顶画廊、乔空间,上海,2021;“世袭领地”,宝 ⻰美术馆,上海,2021;“空间领导者”,APSMUSEUM,上海,2020;“图像感到了不安”,没顶画廊,上 海,2020;“练武术还是迪斯科?”,無同空间,⻓沙,2020;“幻象颗粒”,没顶画廊,上海,2020; “Fragmentation”,The Coningsby Gallery,伦敦,2019;“Material Statement”,Dyson Gallery,英国皇 家艺术学院,伦敦,2019;等;并于 2020 年⼊围英国 Ashurst 新锐艺术家奖项

​Currently lives and works in Shanghai. I graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts(China) with a B.A. degree in sculpture in 2017 and from the Royal College of Art with an M.A. degree in 2019. Wang’s practice is rooted in his unique observation and understanding of the Internet and the virtual world, exploring the threshold values between virtuality and reality, and using 3D software to imitate the absurdity in the physical world. By using narrative computer images, he copies and pastes between virtual and real spaces.
Recent exhibitions include: "Kung Fu or Disco?", Wooton Gallery, Changsha, Hunan, China, 2020; Shanghai “Illusive Particles”, MadeIn Gallery, Shanghai, China, 2020; “Art Nova 100”, Guardian Art Center, Beijing, China, 2019; “Fragmentation”, The Coningsby Gallery, London, United Kingdom, 2019; “Material Statement”, Dyson Gallery, Royal College of Art, London, United Kingdom, 2019 and etc.; Wang Ziquan was shortlisted for the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize in 2020.

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