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​王梓全, 生活于伦敦/北京


雕塑和体验设计师的多重身份给了我自己对计算机3D数据独特的观察和理解。二维和三维相互映射,虚拟和现实的重新进入,以及计算机视觉带来的荒谬,都是是对社会发展的一种反应。计算机中的3D模型来自现实社会,同时它为现实社会提供反馈。机械化复制,简单的复制和粘贴在这个社会中意味着什么? 3D扫描拍摄的数千张照片是否改变了人类的观看方式?通过重复的导出和导入,在虚拟和真实空间进行复制和粘贴,希望能找到空壳和灵魂之间的关联。


The multiple identities of sculpture and experience designers gave me a unique perspective and understanding of computer 3D data. The mutual mapping of 2D and 3D, the re-entry of virtual and reality, and the absurdity brought about by computer vision are all reactions to social development. The 3D model in the computer comes from the real world, and it provides feedback to the real world. Mechanized copying, what does simple copying and pasting mean in this society? Did thousands of photos taken in 3D scans change the way humans view? Through repeated export and import, copy and paste in virtual and real space, hoping to find the association between empty shell and soul.

Education /教育

2012 - 2017

Sculpture, China Centre Academy of Art/中央美院



Sculpture, Athens School of Fine Arts/雅典美院


2017 - 2019

Information Experience Design, Royal College of Art/皇家艺术学院


Exhibitions /展览


青年艺术100 , 嘉德艺术中心, Beijing


Fragmentation , The Coningsby Gallery, London


Material Statement , Dyson Gallery, London


Graduate Show, Royal College of Art, London


Data Dump , Garden House Gallery, London

Contact Me

+86 18612393221

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