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Fake Reality

Fabric, found object

The image is no longer a 2-dimensional image. With the advent of 3D scanning and printing technology, images have become 3D images,
a kind of "deadstone" (Hito, 2017) that lacks the essence of all elements but is reasonably present in space. 
I scanned the fish in 3D and then printed it on the fabric in two dimensions. After sewing the fabric, 
put the fish in it. In this way, the missing elements of the 3D image are retrieved. Viewers can see the images of the fish,  
and through the fish of these images, they can also smell the fish and touch the texture of the fish.

图像不再是二维图像。随着3D扫描和打印技术的出现,图像变成了3D图像, 一种“死石”(Hito,2017)缺乏所有元素的本质,但在空间中却合理存在。 我用3D扫描了一条鱼,然后将它以二维方式打印在织物上。缝制面料后, 将鱼放入其中。以这种方式,检索3D图像的缺失元素。观众可以看到鱼的图像, 通过这些图像的鱼,他们还可以闻到鱼的味道和触摸的纹理。

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