Moving Image 

A fictional story that happened before software rendering. It continues the artist’s previous CG narrative image, creating a chaotic and fragmented visual aesthetics between video art and CG images.

The concept of Lychee Park originated from Lychee Park in Putian, Fujian. The public facilities that were originally used for public recreation and entertainment have become sex trading places. People swayed under the lychee trees, and the ripe lychees were shaken down. The way people get pleasure here has changed. However, in this work, the software did not follow the development of the story. The model characters in the software can already resist high-speed rotation under the training of the merry-go-round and the rocking car. And began to march into the boundless depths of software, outer space.

荔枝公园的概念最早来源于福建莆田荔枝公园。原本用于公众休闲娱乐的公共设施变成了性交易场所,人们在荔枝树下晃动,熟透的荔枝被摇了下来。人们在此获得欢愉的方式发生了改变 。然而在这件作品中,软件没有跟随故事的发展而发展,软件中的模型角色在旋转木马的训练下,在摇摇车的训练下,已经可以抵御高速的旋转。并开始向无垠的软件深处,外太空行进。

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